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What Happens If I Can’t Pay My Mobile Phone Bill – Mobile phones bill can be a headache for some people, especially if they don’t pay it on time. These bills start to accumulate, and in the end, the owners have to face a fine and a bill. Let us see what happens if someone doesn’t pay their mobile bill.

What happens if the mobile phone bill is unpaid?

The bills add up:


Several things might happen when the mobile phone bill is not paid. The first and most obvious thing that will happen is that you won’t be able to make calls anymore. You must have heard about the statement when the account goes into arrears. Do you know why the report goes into arrears? It happens when you do not pay the bill that comes to your home.


The bill payment is necessary because the company which allows you to make the calls will not continue to do so. As a result, you won’t be able to make calls again. I will explain this process further so that you may understand the concept.


The cell phone has too many connections with a tile company. Some of these telecommunications companies are AT&T and Verizon. If you have these cell phones, you will pay them for making calls and messages. The needs and statements you cause to other people come with a price. It means that if you do not pay these companies, you will not make calls anymore.


These companies will be able to disconnect your cell phone so that you cannot make calls. However, if you miss the first payment of the cell phone bill, the company will allow you to make calls, but there is a condition.


The condition si that you will have to pay it alongside the cell phone bill for the next month. Most cell phone companies will charge interest over the late payments, so you will have to pay more money than required. The bill will add up a lot and reach a level where you have to pay hundreds of dollars. Along with accounts, you will also have to pay for the fines that build upon non-payments of those bills. These bills are necessary to deliver because if you do not, they can be too much to pay, and you will have to face the consequences.

Cancellation of contract:


After you buy the sim card, a person has to go to a cell phone communication company and buy themselves a contract. These contracts are made as lifetime or for some periods. Moreover, certain agreements are for some specific cell phones. Allow me to explain using an example so that you have a clear idea of the whole concept. For instance, when you buy yourself an Apple product such as an iPhone, or a Samsung, you will take it to a cell phone communication company.


Once you reach them, you will request them to register the cell phone on their sim card. They will do so. Once the sim is active, the contract with the company also becomes involved. The agreement’s details are that you will have to pay on-time payments, and if you do so, the company will send you a call or a prompt message to pay the bills. If the bills are not paid, who will cancel the contract? You might be able to use the sim card even after cancellation. There are several reasons for doing so. Sometimes the cell phone company will forget to block your sim. But if they rememberer, they will instantly;y stop it, and you won’t be able to make calls on it anymore. Furthermore, who will not deliver messages to the people you are trying to text.


Once the contract is canceled, you will have to renew it or pay the bills to make it active again. In addition to this, you will have to pay an additional fee to make it functional again. Therefore, you should prevent not paying the bills on time not pay the fine. The fine may also build up and can become a headache if you want to continue clearing it.


You should also keep in mind that if you make a contract with the company, you can not use another sim on that cell phone. It is the rule of the united states of America that if a person registers a sim on a specific phone, he will not be able to use another carrier’s sim card on that cell phone.   I will explain this using an example so that you have a great concept.


Let us suppose that a person registers his cell phone on Verizon and then takes the cell phone abroad. If the person goes to china, he won’t make calls on the same sim card. It is because the timecard is known as Verizon only works in the united states of America. It will work in another state if you register it there. If the sim does not work, you will have to put a local sim that runs in china. Suppose you insert the sim card Zong. The Zong sim will not work there. Some might be shocked to hear that, but you should know that it is a worldwide rule.


Can you guess why the sim will not work? The answer is simple. Let us go back to when you bought the cell phone. The cell phone is registered on one communication sim card, so it is impossible to put the sim card of any other company. The same thing happened you do not pay the bill. You will put in the same sim card, but it will be as if you are inserting a blank plastic card. You will not be able to make any calls using that sim card. It is because you have not paid the bill, and the contract is canceled. As a result, the only solution to this is paying bills and renewing the closed contract.

Debt passes to third party debt collecting agency:


Yes, it is true. The cell phone combination company will go to any extent to get that unpaid bill out of you. Most might be wondering why cell phone companies do not come personally and take the statements. There are two reasons for this. I will explain both reasons with examples so that you may fully understand the whole concept.


Let us come to the first reason. You see, the cell phone communication company is a bustling industry, and there is a lot of stuff they have to take care of rather than collecting the bills. Moreover, it takes a lot of time, and they do not have a single second to spare. These cell phone communication companies have contracts with debt collecting companies, and they help take the debt out of these stubborn customers. Cell phone communication companies do not have separate people to send and take the debt from the customers. Moreover, it consumes a lot of money and energy when they come door to door to ask for bill payments.


Now let us come to the second reason. The second reason is that debt collector companies are experts in collecting debts from the people. Moreover, it is much cheaper for cell phone communication companies to hire debt collector companies to pay out the people’s bills. These debt collector companies have separate contracts with these cell phone communication companies. It allows cell phone communication companies to avail themselves of the services at much cheaper rates.


Let me warn you from before. It would be best if you stayed away from these debt-collecting companies because they will bring you down to your nerves. Let me tell you a little about these debt collecting companies. These companies will call you at any time constantly to inform you about the debt you have to pay. Moreover, they will also come to your doorsteps multiple times a week. These are different strategies applied by the debt collecter companies to take out the money from the customers. Moreover, they might also send you tones of letters and messages on your cell phone to acquire the debt.


These debt collecting companies will also visit your workplace so that you can pay your debt on time. Furthermore, I would advise you to stay away from these debt collecting companies. The only way you can stay away from them is to pay your bills on time. If you do not do it for the first time, the cell phone communication company may be a little lenient. But if you keep on doing this, the debt collector will come after you. Moreover, it would help if you kept in mind that you will have to pay this debt anyway, so why not pay them on time. Additionally, you will also save yourself from fines.

Involvement of court:


Most might be confused, but it is true. The court may also be involved when you become very stubborn and do not pay the cell phone communication fee. The cell phone communication company may contact that court to take the bills out of you. The court proceedings can be challenging for you if you have a daily job. Whenever the judge calls, you will have to go to the court and attend the proceedings. Furthermore, you will also have to hire yourself a lawyer if you want to win the case.


It would be best if you kept in mind that the chances of winning such cases are low. However, there is one way you can win the case. The reason is when the company’s lawyer does not visit the court on the proceedings. Another reason for winning the issue could be if the cell phone communication company made a mistake and put the wrong case forward to the court.


However, if the case is genuine, you will have zero chances of winning it because the cell phone communication company will have all the necessary evidence to prove you wrong. Moreover, the court will also apply extra charges for violating the rules of the community.


As a result, you should pay your dues on time because you will have to pay for the extra charges and the charges for hiring a lawyer. The court is the last and final option they have.  If they can not take the money out of you using the letters or the debt collecting agency, they will take it out by summoning the court. So you should pay your dues on time and ignore the extra payments.

Things to do if mobile phone bill is non-payable:

Contact the service provider company:


The first thing you have to contacts your service provider. You will have to tell him about all the reasons why you can not pay the cell phone bill. Most service providers are kind enough to assist you, but some of them will force you to pay the bills at any cost. These service-providing companies have a separate staff to deal with non-payment issues. The first thing you have to do is call them and set an appointment. Once the work is selected, they will provide you with a date and time.


You do not have to miss that appointment and visit on time. The person assisting you will provide you with several options. The first option provided to customers will be to change the date of payment. If you have money stuck somewhere and you are unable to pay the fee, the service provider company will extend your date of payment. Moreover, the service provider company may become too lenient and ask you to pay for dues whenever you have the money.


Some people might take this as a benefit and never pay their dues. It is not possible because the service-providing company will come after you and ask you for unpaid dues. Moreover, the service-providing company may also reduce the tariffs for some time so that you can pay them quickly. Furthermore, they may also delay your payments for some time. However, keep in mind that it is up to the service provider company if they allow you to use the sim or not.

Check your tariff:


It is a must to take a look at your contract before you sign up for it. Sometimes, the arrangements are not convenient, and you will end up paying a lot more than required. There are few things you should keep in mind before signing a contract. The first thing is that you have to ensure the warranty covers all the additional services such as texting and mobile data. However, sometimes the network provider may block other additional services such as calling and mobile data to lower the bill payments. You will be allowed to call using that sim card.

Switch your service provider:


Sometimes, the service provider can become very expensive, and you might not be able to afford it anymore. The only option left is to switch the service provider. However, you will not be able to change your service provider until and unless you have cleared your dues. The other service provider may have great deals for you, and it would not take a lot of money, and you can get most of the data deals at a much lower price.

How pay a lesser amount of money for cell phone contracts?


There are several ways you can pay less for your cell phone contracts. The first thing you have to do is get rid of any unnecessary warranties. These contracts do nothing but consume your money. So it would be best if you got rid of them. Furthermore, you can use comparison websites to compare the prices of two websites. You can then select the cheap website.


Moreover, it would help if you tried to use free services. There are many apps on the internet that allow free services such as calls and messages. Moreover, they also provide the facilities for video calls. Some of these websites are named WhatsApp, skype, and facebook messenger. Furthermore, you should also limit the use of data. There are multiple ways you can restrict the use of data. Some of these ways are to check box the low data usage option in your cell phone and use wifi.

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